NeoMem is an information storage and organization tool for Windows
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NeoMem 1.2b is an information storage and organization tool for Windows. It is said that NeoMem is a cross between a database and a word processor. In fact, it looks like it is. It combines the features that are most important in database applications and also allows for precise and robust text editing. This application can be used to store many kinds of information. You can store recipes and organize them, or store passwords, combinations, log-in information, bank accounts, etc. Neomem allows you to password-protect your databases, but the encryption is nothing to call home about. So, if you are saving delicate information, you might want to try a more robust application. The application is really easy-to-use. There is a pane on the left side of window in which you create objects. These objects can have several child objects attached to them. You then can write on each of those objects. That is how you would do a recipe book. You create an object called Pasta, then you start adding your favorite dishes. You can even add pictures to make it more illustrative. Neomem has extensive support for hotkeys, which makes it easy to navigate between your objects. Also, you can import and export your databases, which makes sense once they get big enough.

José Fernández
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  • Nice interface
  • Nice word processing capabilities
  • Easy-to-use


  • Security is not too strong
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